Time To Leap Dance Studio
West Chester, Pennslyvania
"Corey O'Brien is an accomplished dancer, and brings a great energy to the studio. Taking time to connect with the students, he brings more than just great dance technique and choreography to his classes. Our dancers look forward to his visit, every time!"
- Ms Rhonda, Owner 

Corey has experience teaching a wide variety of students all over the United States. He has been busy traveling from state to state hosting workshops specializing in contemporary, jazz funk, technique and more. Not only does Corey provide quality instruction, but he also sits down with his students to answer any type of questions they may have.

He enjoys providing any advice he can on the business side of dance and gives insight on how he reached this level in his career. 

Below are some testimonials from the dance studio's themselves.

Elite Dance Academy
Broomfield, Colorado
"Corey O'Brien is incredibly talented and professional. He came to Elite Dance Academy after reaching out to us. He followed up with me very timely, was very reasonably priced and was incredibly motivated to give us his best classes. Once in our space, our dancers fell in love with Corey. He is a fabulous dancer a great instructor. He gave meaningful tips and corrections and worked with the dancers in a very positive way. We will welcome Corey any time he can come and teach for us. When it comes to Master Teachers, Corey is a quality act all the way!! Thank you Corey!"
- Lisa Pevateaux, Owner 

Dance Masters of America Convention
Seattle, Washington
"I had the pleasure of watching Corey teach students all day at the Dance Master of America Convention. Corey O'Brien is not only extremely talented and kind, but he is one of the most caring and challenging teachers I have ever encountered. He pushed the students and gave them the confidence they need to complete his choreography and excel in his classes. He was supportive and encouraging to all of them, letting them know how great they looked and correcting mistakes he saw in a positive manner. Students left his class smiling from ear to ear and it was very rewarding to see. I recommend Corey going to teach at everyone's studio to witness the full effect!"
- Leslie Allen, Teacher

Medway Dance Authority
Medway, Massachusetts 
"Over the last 19 years I have exposed my dance students to a variety of dance professionals by attending dance conventions. However, the best experience we have ever had was bringing Corey O'Brien to The Medway Dance Authority. When we were initially planning this Corey kept in constant contact throughout the planning process and set my mind at ease. What I appreciated even more at the time was Corey reaching out to my students through social media leading up to his first visit to our studio. Not only did I start developing a great rapport with him, but he starting making amazing connections with my dancers as well. He walked into my studio in January and already knew some of my students by name. I couldn't believe he took the time to try to get to know us. The connection was immediate and has consistently grown over the last several months. Even the parents of our dancers comment on the fact that Corey continues to praise our kids online and that he responds to every post or tweet. What he has given my dancers has never been achieved through any other event we have attended in almost 20 years. He is talented, professional and inspiring. His classes are remarkable, challenging and brilliant! His expectations are high, yet achievable and our dancers always feel successful after a weekend with Corey! I feel that there is no bigger gift a dance teacher can give her students than to expose them to other dance styles and dance professionals. Corey is flying to Boston tonight to dance with us for the third time in two months. He has become an important part of our dance family. I am so grateful that I opened Corey's initial email and decided to take this leap. He has inspired me, my teachers and my students, and for that I will be always grateful."
- Jennifer Narducci, Owner